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Commander's Corner

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The Hunt

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Our Blinds

 Our pit blinds are built from converted above ground tanks that are 24' long and 8' in diameter. These tanks have been modified to include dog boxes, comfortable bench seating, and the all-important BBQ pit that serves to keep the hunters well fed while shooting birds. The pit blinds are strategically placed in corn and soybean fields approx. 60 acres each. The blinds are buried in false levees that only serve as means of concealment so that the ducks have no idea what is waiting for them as they approach the decoy spread.  Wide blind tops keep hunters obscured deep within shadows on bright days and are a welcomed respite during inclement weather. Leave the chest waders at home if you’d rather – blinds are accessed by short, dry walks on a wide, level levees. Simply step into the blind and enjoy the show. 

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Our Guides

Harrison Banks is our scout, coordinator, labor and lead guide. Growing up in the swamps of Louisiana has taught him the finer points to calling, decoy management, and proper concealment. He has been guiding friends and customers for nearly 12 years and will surely put you in position for a successful hunt. The guides at Commander's Corner have thousands of birds under their belts and are all fluent in duckaneese. You will be shooting birds in the face over the decoys as soon as the legal shooting hours begin.

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Why Shoot With Us?


At Commander’s Corner it is our mission to make sure you experience the full duck camp experience. The anticipation, the allure, and the never-ending energy that seems to be recharged by the cool morning air. Our aim is to create a unique experience that will bring hunters back year after year. 

We encourage you to contact your guide and the days leading up to your hunt to get reports from the field and to find out what species of birds are in the air. Bagging numerous species of water fowl will become your reality! We strive to meet and exceed all your expectations. With more than comfortable lodging, plenty of birds, and nothing less than hearty meals this duck camp experience will have you ready for more before your tires leave our drive.